IT Project Request Submission

Mt. SAC utilizes an IT Project Request Form to collect information about the scope and impact of a proposed initiative. To manage resources efficiently and to ensure that project requests are handled as close to the requested timeline as possible, the Information Technology department utilizes a project prioritization process to establish project priorities for all requested projects.

Project prioritization is based on the complexity of the request (scope, deliverables, etc.) and available resources. State and federally mandated projects will always have top priority. Such mandates may be received at inopportune times and may need to be acted upon immediately and thus fall outside the prioritization process.

Projects are distinguished from IT Help Desk Support in that the latter are routine and incidental to restore functionality, while Projects are efforts to manage change with defined collaborative outcomes.

      • Project Request Criteria

        IT Projects are a collaboration between Information Technology and campus departments and MUST have a defined business owner who can identify the functionality requirements and success factors. An IT project is an activity undertaken to acquire, develop,  or enhance existing functionality or services that require a significant level of effort to meet objectives.

        • Request for new functionality (including upgrades) or implementation of a new software application
        • Request for configuration/programming changes to an existing software application, service, or report
        • Requests must have a defined business owner who can identify the functional requirements and success factors
        • All project must have management approval

        Examples include updates to an existing Argos report, a new Argos report, OnBase document imaging, Banner integration, etc.

      • HD Ticket Criteria

        IT Service Management is the practice of supporting the IT systems, applications, and equipment used by end users. The IT Help Desk is responsible for receiving incidents reports and service requests from end users, analyzing and responding to the end user with a solution or referring the request to the appropriate IT team.

        • Tickets have a single affected user who is contacted for support and notified when tickets are considered resolved
        • Incidents are reported loss of access to existing software applications, services, reports, or hardware
        • Requests are updates or maintenance of access to a software application, service, report, or hardware
        • Tickets do not generally require approval

        Examples include password resets, installation of existing campus hardware/software, problems related to the network or phones, etc. Priority is given to incidents which impact instructional time.

  • If you would like to submit a project request, please complete the online IT Project Request Form. Once submitted, the request will be reviewed by IT management, prioritized, and assigned.

  • Please contact the Help Desk for assistance with technical issues. You can submit a request online at, email us at, or call use at x4357. For urgent issues, please call us.