Print Services, Copier Locations, and Mail Services

    • Print Services
      The Print Services group provides photocopying, and binding services for academic and administrative departments. Faculty and staff can fill out a Printing Request Form right from their web browser using any network connection on campus or while connected to the Internet from home, anytime, anywhere! The Online Print Request System is sure to provide faster, more reliable service at a significant savings.
    • Copier Locations

      The walk-up copiers are provided for occasional, small, quick copy jobs. Any copy job larger than 30 copies should be submitted to Print Services. Report copier problems to IT Help Desk at ext. 4357.

      • Bldg. 4-2520 - Mailroom
      • Bldg. 26A Room 2630
      • Bldg. 26D Room 2481A
      • Bldg. 28B Room 101F
      • Bldg. 60 Room 1406
      • Bldg. 61 Room 1668
      • Bldg. 66 Room 243
    • Mail Services

      Mail Services provides all incoming and outgoing mail through the United Postal Service and campus mail.

      Name Phone Office Email
      Clarence Tagarao (909) 274-4212 4-2520
      Patricia Castillo 4-2520