What is a Refund?

On occasion, Mt. SAC may have money for you and will issue it to you in the form of a refund. Some of the reasons you might receive a refund include dropping or canceling a class or receipt of financial aid (such as a grant, scholarship or a loan). In these cases, Mt. SAC has partnered with BankMobile to deliver the refund owed to you. For more information visit the BankMobile Refund Choices website. 

Manage My Refunds

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All students are required to make a refund selection once during their time at Mt. SAC. To make your selection now, or to change your refund selection preference, please click the "Make a Refund Selection" button below.

Required Consumer Information Disclosure

Click on the button below to view  the Department of Education Regulations Governing Financial Aid (Title IV) Disbursements

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