Reed Scale, a student athlete and student says "I came to Mt. SAC as a last minute decision, but it was a really good one. I showed up after high school, put in two years of hard work, and it really paid off. I am absolutely stoked."
Mt. SAC transfer student Taren Salazar says "Mt. SAC is such an amazing school. I gained so much more than just  an education from my time here. I was given my life back."
Mt. SAC transfer student Allan Muteti says "I really am glad that I went through Mt. SAC first because now I feel more ready than I was when I came out of high school. While at Mt. SAC, I was able to grow and mold more into the person I want to be."
Danielle Barrientos, a student, said: "When I needed guidance, the counseling department helped me choose a better path. When my work hours were cut, financial aid and scholarships helped me get through the school year. The resources and opportunities available at Mt. SAC are endless and available to everyone."
Student ambassador Felix Ricarte says "The support Mt. SAC gives its students with all the services, programs and job opportunities is really exceptional. Not only will they help you get through classes, but they also help you grow as an individual."
Associated Student leader Alejandro Juarez says "It's a huge, beautiful campus with amazing instructors and programs. Everyone is friendly and helpful."


Why Mt. SAC?

There are countless reasons to choose Mt. San Antonio College. We offer hundreds of academic, athletic, and support programs to help our students achieve any goal. Whether you want to transfer to a four-year university, earn your GED, get your associate degree, or just take a couple classes to help with your job, Mt. SAC has a program for you.

Two smiling students.

Flexible Programs, Excellent Education

Mt. SAC has more than 400 degree and certificate (career training) programs in industries and subjects ranging from graphic design to agriculture to nursing to air conditioning repair. Regardless of the subject, our courses are of the highest quality. Mt. SAC's students, faculty, and the college itself have earned countless awards and distinctions for their work. It is our dedication to excellence that has made us a Top 10 California Transfer College.

Two students training to be firefighters.

Full College Experience without the Full College Debt

It costs California residents only about $1,400 per year to attend Mt. San Antonio College. We offer the same general education courses as UC and CSU schools but cost tens of thousands of dollars less. In fact, students can earn their bachelor's degree with half the amount of student debt just by starting at Mt. SAC and then transferring to a four-year university. On top of the savings, we offer competitive athletics teams, student clubs, and state-of-the-art facilities and technology just like you would find at four-year universities.

Summer Bridge Program volunteer holding a sign.

Student Support

College can be difficult, especially for students who don't have the support they need at home or who have families of their own to support. That's why we provide our students with all of the tools they need to succeed. That includes tutoring, daycare for their children, ESL courses, and basic skills classes.