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Wellness Center

The Exercise Science/Wellness Center (ESWC) is a fitness and diagnostic training center that guides individuals in various states of physical conditions through a comprehensive training program helping them achieve an enhanced level of fitness.

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Regular movement and exercise are important to keep your immune system functioning optimally. Your workout intensity should mirror your stress level. If stress is high, lower the intensity of your workouts. If stress is low, feel free to increase the intensity of your workouts. The correct dose of exercise can keep your immune system functioning well. Often times, less is more.

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Summer Class Schedule

Group Fitness classes are one hour in duration.

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    1:30pm | Yoga Class (begins 6/24) 
    5pm | Fit & Fun Boot Camp 101

    | Functional Training Class 
    4:30pm | Indoor Cycling Core Class  

    | Yoga Class (begins 6/26) 
    5pm | Martial Arts Class (begins 6/26) 

    | Functional Training Class

    Begins June 20

    Monday to Thursday 1 - 3 pm 

*NOTE: A one time check-in at the Exercise Science Wellness Center to clear online medical par-q is required before using the pool.


Group Exercise Room
Featuring a beautiful hardwood, shock absorbent floor that can accommodate up to fifty people. A variety of classes are offered throughout the week including Yoga, Cardio Dance, Body Sculpting and Body Blast.
Cardio/Circuit Training Room
Featuring a variety of equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stairmasters, stepmills, stationary bikes, kettlebells, stability balls, medicine balls, Bosu balance trainers and a full line of Paramount and Star Trac strength equipment.
Hydrostatic Weighing Tank
Hydrostatic weighing is considered the gold standard method of assessing body composition. The purpose behind the test is to determine body density by measuring a person's mass-dry weight on a scale, and a person's volume-under water weight.


Name Title
Lorraine Jones Health/Fitness Coordinator
Christine Cortez-Castillo Fitness Trainer
 Andrew Guevara Fitness Trainer
Kayla Hernandez Fitness Trainer
Patrick Sierra Fitness Trainer
Adam Torres Fitness Trainer
Julieta Venegas Fitness Trainer
Liron Wilson Fitness Trainer
Shivneil Singh Fitness Trainer Assistant
Shell Dominica Group Exercise Instructor
Lisa Matthews Yoga Instructor
Wellness Center

M-Th | 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
F | Closed

Building 720, Rm 2200 (second floor)
(909) 274-4625