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NextUp/REACH is under the EOPS umbrella and was created to support foster youth students seeking to further their educational career in California’s Community College system by providing “over, above, and in addition to” services and support including more intensive care and academic support. 

Why Join NextUp/REACH?
Contact NextUp/REACH

 Office Hours:
Mon-Th: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Fr: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Equity Center, Building 16E
(909) 274-6556

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be current / former foster youth with court dependency or guardianship established after the age of 13
  • Submit Foster Care Verification (REACH can assist you in obtaining proper documentation)
  • Must be under 26 years old

NextUp/REACH Program Information

    • About the NextUp/REACH Program

      Our program is committed to be a partner with our Foster Youth students and walk with them side by side in their educational endeavour as well as connect foster youth with on and off campus resources.  Here are the many benefits/services the REACH Program offers:      

      • Priority registration   
      • Financial assistance
        • Chafee Grant application
        • CA College Promise (BOG) waiver
        • Other forms of financial aid
      • Textbook assistance
      • Technology loans
        • Laptops
        • Hotspots
      • School supplies
      • Foster Youth housing resources
      • Mentoring and support
      • Academic Counseling
      • Social Worker referrals
      • Emergency funding
      • Cal Fresh assistance
      • Gift card incentives
      • Workshops, socials, & community events
    • How to Join NextUp/REACH
      1. Submit An Application

      Our application is fast and simple. You can find the link on our website:

      2. Provide Documentation 

      Provide documentation showing you were in the foster care system on or after the age of 13.  For example, a Ward of the Court Letter, Guardianship Letter or Minute Order to name a few. 

      3. Attend an Informational Session

      Students must attend a NextUp/REACH informational session where they will learn about the benefits and requirments of the program. 

      4. Sign Mutual Responsibility Agreement

      Students must sign the program Mutual Reponsibilty Agreement detailing the expectation and agreements to participate in the program. 

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
        • What are the program eligibility requirements to join NextUp/REACH?
          • You must be a current or former foster youth with court dependency or guardianship established on or after the age of 13 
          • Submit Foster Care Verification – If you don’t have verification, please contact California State office of the Foster Care Ombudsman at 1.877.846.1602 to obtain a copy.  
          • Must be under 26 years old when joining the program. 
        • What if I am ineligible for NextUp/REACH?

          Even if you think you are ineligible for NextUp/REACH, we highly recommend you still apply so we may assess your options and make recommendations; for example, you may still be part of  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS).  However, you can still benefit from the following services that the equity center provides: 

          • Counseling
          • Assistance w/ Financial Aid Application
          • Free Printing
          • Academic & Center Resources 
        • How do I apply to NextUp/REACH?

          Interested students should follow these steps:

          1. Submit a NextUp/REACH application.  You don’t have to come to campus to submit the application.  The application is easy to complete and takes approximately 5-10 minutes.  
          2. Submit proof of court dependency or guardianship by uploading your Foster Care Verification letter to the application.  If you don’t have proof, you can contact the Ombudsman Foster Care Help-Line at 1-877-846-1602 to obtain a copy.  You don’t have to wait for the verification letter in order to submit the application.  Please submit the application and email us the letter at, or you may bring it to the REACH office located in the Equity Center (Bldg. 16E).  
          3. Your completed application will be reviewed by a NextUp/REACH Staff member.  If the required information and documentation are included or we have already verified you as eligible for the program, you will receive an email inviting you to attend an orientatio. 
          4. After completing your orientation you will be asked to sign a Mutual Responsibilty Agreement (MRA), that details the expectations for the program. Once you sign it you are officially in the program. 

          If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 909.274.6556 or email us at

        • Do I have to apply to Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) before submitting a NextUp/REACH application?
          Yes, you will need to have access to your Mt. SAC portal in order to apply for NextUp/REACH. 
        • How do I apply to Mt. SAC?

          You can start by visiting the steps-to-apply page.  Whether you are a New/Returning/Transfer/international/Concurrent Enrollment student, the link will breakdown the application/enrollment steps you will need to follow.  New students will be required to attend a new student orientation, complete an assessment questionnaire, and meet with a counselor.
          Please note: The NextUp/REACH Program has dedicated counselors that can assist you in course enrollment and to meet the Mt. SAC counseling requirement.  You can schedule a counseling appointment online.  In addition, our staff can schedule an appointment for you if you would prefer.  Please call our office at 909.274.6556 or email us at

        • Is there a deadline to submit the NextUp/REACH application?
          NextUp/REACH offers priority registration and in order to qualify for early registration for each term, you will need to submit a NextUp/REACH application by the following dates:
          If enrolling for Summer 2024 apply by:  March 20, 2024
          • Classes begin on June 24, 2024
          If enrolling for Fall 2024, apply by:  April 30, 2024
          • Classes begin on August 26, 2024
        • Does REACH help students enroll in classes?
          Yes!  The NextUp/REACH Program has dedicated counselors that can assist you in course enrollment and to meet the Mt. SAC counseling requirement.  You can schedule a counseling appointment online.  In addition, our staff can schedule an appointment for you if you would prefer.  Please call our office at 909.274.6556 or email us at
        • Does NextUp/REACH help students transfer to a university?
          Yes!  Our team of counselors are here to support you in your goals of graduating and transferring to a 4-year university.  Schedule an appointment  or contact us for support at 909.274.6556. You can also email  
        • Can I still join NextUp/REACH if I have joined another program or planning to join?
          Yes!  You can be part of NextUp/REACH and other programs at the same time. 
        • Does NextUp/REACH help students find housing?
          Yes!  NextUp/REACH can assist current and former foster youth with housing.  Please contact us at 909.274.6556 or email us at for assistance with housing. 
        • Does REACH help students find a job?
          Yes!  Please contact us 909.274.6556 or email us at for job resources.
          Students looking for on-campus jobs can search for current job availabilities on Mountie CareerSource
          For assistance navigating this website, please reach out and we will connect you to one of our ambassadors (Meet our Ambassadors). 
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How Can You Support Us?

Here are ways to get involved:

If you are interested, please contact theNextUp/REACH office at 909.274.6556.  Thank you!