Workshops - Coming Back for the Fall Semester 

Throughout the year, the Career Center presents a variety of workshops that are designed to provide job seekers with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively for employment opportunities. The dates and times for these workshops are posted on our Career Center Calendar.  A listing of workshop subjects with brief descriptions of each are given below:

Resume Development

Learn how to build and create a resume from scratch! No Templates. Need a resume? Not happy with your current resume? Don't know where to start? Let us help!  We will discuss format, style, and how to write a resume that best reflects your strengths and talents.

Ramp up your Resume!

This workshop will guide you on how to build a strong resume that highlights your education, skills and experience.   

Preparing for an Interview 

What is your elevator pitch? How do I conduct an interview.  Interviews can be scary - especially if you are not prepared. This workshop addresses general  preparation, what to expect, and answering behavior-based and other tough, important interview questions.  

Cover Letter Development 

This workshop will guide you on how to build a strong cover letter that highlights your skills and experience.  

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Career Center Overview/ Mountie CareerSource

This workshop will guide you on how to access the Career Center services and resources, and how to apply for jobs and internships on Mountie CareerSource. 

LinkedIn Profile Development

Learn how to develop a professional LinkedIn profile with our LinkedIn checklist and more! The workshop will provide tips on how to develop your LinkedIn account and brand your way into employment.  

Establishing and Cultivating Your Digital Presence

Digital Portfolios, Digital Streamers, Digital Badges, Platforms to assist students. What is a digital portfolio? Digital badges? What are employers expecting from students and graduates? Learn why your digital presence is key to obtaining an interview.    


This workshop will guide you on the basic of networking and the importance of networking in your career journey. 

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Landing the Job!

Drill down how to find a job that aligns with your major! One size does not fit all jobs for your search. Learn about crucial elements to focus your search and strategies that work! 

Redesign your Job Search

Students will learn how to rethink  job search. Strategizing your job search keeps you focused on finding a role that's best suited to your abilities. Learn about tips to tackle your job search. 

Career Fair 101: How to Prepare for a Fair

Learn how to best prepare for a career fair. This workshop will cover how to register, how to make a good impression during a career fair and other essential factors.