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Having a job referral or hot job lead is not enough to get you employed. You need to have the skills to present yourself in the best possible light in order to successfully compete with other applicants. A great resume is a must for any applicant. It is what the employer uses to screen applicants and determine who they will invite to an interview. It is not unusual for a business to receive resumes from dozens or even hundreds of applicants for one position, but only invite six to eight of them for an interview. No matter what your qualifications for the job are, they need to be highlighted on a professional resume in a way that will stand out to the reader.

The Career Center offers free resume development workshops and one-on-one assistance to Mt. SAC students and graduates to assist them in building their resumes. You will learn the basics of resume development and the format most beneficial for your personal use and career field.

If you already have a resume, and you would like one of our staff to look it over, you may request an appointment. 

Word of Advice: Don't wait until you need a resume to write one. Develop your resume now and you will be ready to use it when the opportunity arises.

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